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Re: [patch] Improving shared_ptr for C++0x

> New tests and docs on the implementation choices are included. There
> are a few places where further work could be done, see the new HTML
> file for details. That doc is also available at
> to save you reading the
> HTML. I haven't linked to the new doc from any existing pages yet as
> the C++0x status is still experimental and I don't know where these
> sort of implementation notes will fit in Benjamin's new doc plan.

Just to answer this last part.

Status for C++0x stuff should go in
docs/html/17_intro/c++0x_status.html. You can put the paper numbers as
links in the notes sections if you'd like. It would be great if you
could correct this document WRT shared_ptr and related items.

FYI, this document is not complete currently. Instead,
it's the tr1_status.html document "ported" to the C++0x draft. I believe
appendix C to be wrong, for instance, but most of the other bits are

It doesn't actually track (at the moment) anything after tr1, ie
variadic templates, move semantics, or anything here:

This needs to be fixed, obviously, but I figure it can be done
incrementally. To be quite honest, I'm not quite sure of the state of
the move semantics work myself, so I didn't want to attempt it.



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