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[lto]: patch committed to get flags and line numbers correct.

This patch fixes more cases where some of the flags were not being set
in compatible ways.  it also finishes the code to get line numbers put
out in a compatible way.  The code USE_MAPPED_LOCATION has still not
been tested, but will be done after the next merge.

The code also adds a new tree dump flag, -fdump-tree-*-verbose.  This
does a regular tree dump for a statement after the statement is
printed.  The tree dumps are a lot more detailed and so allow the
checking that all of the tree information has been properly serialized.

committed as revision 130095.


2007-11-11  Kenneth Zadeck <>

    * doc/invoke.text (-fdump-tree-*-verbose): New option.
    * tree-dump.c (dump_options): New verbose option.
    * tree-pretty-print.c (dump_phi_nodes, dump_generic_bb_buff):
    Add verbose dump.
    * lto-tree-flags.def (tcc_expression, tcc_gimple_stmt,
    tcc_statement): Add asm_written flag to support undocumented use.
    (FUNCTION_DECL): Removed all flags since these are not serialized
    by lto-function-out.
    (VAR_DECL): Reorganized flags and added missing ones.
    * tree-pass.h (TDF_VERBOSE): New dump flag.
    * lto-function-out.c (output_tree_flags): Removed ADD_FUNCT_FLAG
    macro.  Added fixes to get line numbers correct.
    (pass_ipa_lto_out): Fixed dump options and name.
    * lto-flags.h (LTO_SOURCE_*): Removed conditional code
    (LTO_SOURCE_HAS_LOC): New macro.
    * tree-dfa-c (pass_referenced_var): Added dump option.
    * print-tree.c (print_node): Added code to be able to print
    (tree-flow.h): Added include. (print-tree.o):  Added TREE_FLOW_H.
2007-11-11  Kenneth Zadeck <>

    * lto-read.c (ADD_FUNC_FLAG): Deleted macro.
    (data_in): Added current_node_has_loc field.
    (input_line_info, set_line_info, clear_line_info): Added a support
    for USE_MAPPED_LOCATION and not adding line numbers to nodes that
    did not have on on the source side.
    (input_expr_operand): Make sure that GIMPLE_MODIFY_STMTS get line
    numbers too.

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