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Re: Designs for better debug info in GCC

>>>>> Mark Mitchell writes:

Mark> I think we all agree that providing better debugging of optimized code
Mark> is a priori a good thing.  So, as I see it, this thread is focused on
Mark> what internal representation we might use for that.

	Yes, it is a good thing, but not at any price.  Regardless of the
representation and implementation, there is a cost.  This discussion
should not start with the premise that better debugging of optimized code
is better at any cost.

Mark> I'd like to start by
Mark> capturing the functional changes that we want to make to GCC's debug
Mark> output -- not the changes that we want in the debug experience, or
Mark> changes that we need in GDB, but the changes in the generated DWARF.

	Who is "we"?  What better debugging are GCC users demanding?  What
debugging difficulties are they experiencing?  Who is that set of users?
What functional changes would improve those cases?  What is the cost of
those improvements in complexity, maintainability, compile time, object
file size, GDB start-up time, etc.?


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