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[Xtensa] fix ICE on nonlocal_gotos

I've committed this patch to fix a testsuite regression. It removes a call to validate_replace_rtx that was crashing because the rtx was a label, not an insn. I can't see any reason for this code to be there, so I just removed it. I tested an xtensa-elf build and verified that it causes no regressions.

2007-11-05 Bob Wilson <>

	* config/xtensa/xtensa.c (xtensa_expand_nonlocal_goto): Do not replace
	references to virtual_stack_vars_rtx in goto_handler.
Index: config/xtensa/xtensa.c
--- config/xtensa/xtensa.c	(revision 129906)
+++ config/xtensa/xtensa.c	(working copy)
@@ -1184,9 +1184,6 @@
   if (GET_CODE (containing_fp) != REG)
     containing_fp = force_reg (Pmode, containing_fp);
-  goto_handler = copy_rtx (goto_handler);
-  validate_replace_rtx (virtual_stack_vars_rtx, containing_fp, goto_handler);
   emit_library_call (gen_rtx_SYMBOL_REF (Pmode, "__xtensa_nonlocal_goto"),
 		     0, VOIDmode, 2,
 		     containing_fp, Pmode,

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