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[PING] INSN attribute to enable/disable alternatives


these 3 patches introduce a new special attribute to be used in INSN
definitions in order to enable or disable certain INSN alternatives.
I think this comes in quite handy when enhancing a back end with new
instructions.  I've posted these patches in stage 2 and really need
them to go in since I've a few back end patches relying on that

Ian already had a look.  Although the feature was considered
reasonable I can understand that he was unhappy with the genattr
changes in patch 3 introducing new attribute 'getter' functions with
an additional 'alternative' parameter.  These changes are the part
which unfortunately make the introduction of that simple feature look
rather complicated.

I would be happy to rework that part of the patch if someone comes up
with a better/simpler solution.  Any suggestions?!

Here is the mail from Ian:

[PATCH 1/3] S/390: New `enabled' insn attribute

[PATCH 2/3] reload,recog: New `enabled' insn attribute

[PATCH 3/3] genattr: New `enabled' insn attribute



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