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Re: [PATCH] Improve handling of COND_EXECs in haifa_classify_insn.

Alexander Monakov wrote:

Maxim Kuvyrkov wrote:

Alexander Monakov wrote:

This patch has been in sel-sched branch for a while. It makes haifa_classify_insn look into predicate and code parts of COND_EXEC to decide whether it traps or not, instead of assuming that all COND_EXECs trap. It also factors code duplication in handling of PARALLELs (by using recursion).
Bootstrapped and regtested on x64_64 with --disable-multilib and on ia64.


I don't have the authority to approve the patch, so below are merely my suggestions to improve it.


Changed according to Maxim's suggestions, bootstrapped and regtested on ia64. This patch produces minor performance and code-size improvements on ia64 by allowing scheduler to move some of the predicated instructions across basic-block boundaries.

    * gcc/haifa-sched.c (haifa_classify_insn): Rename to ...
    (haifa_classify_expr): ... this.  Improve handling of
    COND_EXECs, handle PARALLELs by recursing.  Use it ...
    (haifa_classify_insn): ... here.  Reimplement.

--- gcc/haifa-sched.c    (revision 32194)
+++ gcc/haifa-sched.c    (local)
@@ -405,8 +405,8 @@ may_trap_exp (const_rtx x, int is_store)

-/* Classifies insn for the purpose of verifying that it can be
- moved speculatively, by examining it's patterns, returning:
+/* Classifies pattern of an insn for the purpose of verifying that it can be
+ moved speculatively, by examining it, returning:

I'd rename haifa_classify_expr into haifa_classify_rtx and its parameter to X (because the function is recursive after the patch). The comment could be:

/* Classifies rtx X of an insn for the purpose of verifiying that X can be executed speculatively (and consequently
the insn can be move speculatively), by examining X, returning:

Ok with these changes (please change the function name in ChangeLog too).

Thanks for the patch, Alexander. It is one more improvement of the scheduler.

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