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Re: [PING] Target hook for rewriting inline asm constraints

>>>>> "Andreas" == Andreas Krebbel <> writes:

Andreas> I've tried at first to implement this as a more generic hook in the
Andreas> middle end, but dealing with this in recog and reload turned out to be
Andreas> way more complicated.

I was thinking more like gimplification or some other early pass.

>> * No braces around body of do-while.

Andreas> I've simply copied the loop reload and recog are using.  See
Andreas> find_reloads and constrain_operands.  I wasn't aware that this isn't
Andreas> considered good style.  I can certainly change that.

See (info "(standards) Formatting"), toward the end.

>> * Hard-coded lengths without bounds checking (this one is questionable
>> I suppose)

Andreas> It would be difficult to harden that code against back end hooks
Andreas> returning huge strings.  I'm not sure thats worth the effort.  But
Andreas> I'll try to address this.

FWIW, a simple assertion would satisfy me.  Or, it isn't hard to use
obstacks or dyn-strings.


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