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Re: [PING][PATCH] Segfault while unwinding an invalid function pointer

Jakub Jelinek wrote on 10/29/2007 03:41:53 PM:
This should only happen for a signal frame or a garbage address.

Or a function without unwind info. Something that happens quite often. E.g. even with -fasynchronous-unwind-tables built glibc, the outermost stack frame is always without unwind info and so every backtrace(3) will hit your tmpfile/write/fclose at least once. This is too costly.

Would a single call to tmpfile be acceptable for the duration of the program? I'm thinking something like this:

  static FILE* tmp_file = NULL;
  static int tmp_offset = 0;

  if (!tmp_file) {
    tmp_file = tmpfile();
  if (tmp_file)
      if (tmp_offset + len > 4096)
	  tmp_offset = 0;
      rc = write (fileno(tmp_file), addr, len);
      tmp_offset += rc;
      result = (rc == len);

This way tmp_file is only called once, write is called each time, and rewind is called when the file would exceed 4k.

Is this still too costly? Or should I stop asking?

Pete Eberlein
IBM Linux Technology Center
Linux on Power Toolchain

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