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Re: [Fortran, Patch] PR 33917 - PROCEDURE(proc-interface) - ensure proc-interface is resolved

Hi Tobi,
first of all: thanks for looking into this. I think your patch looks
pretty good and it works perfectly fine for the given example.

>    /* Various interface checks.  */
>    if (proc_if)
>      {
> +      if (proc_if->interface)
> +       proc_if = proc_if->interface;
> +
>        if (proc_if->generic)
>         {
>           gfc_error ("Interface '%s' at %C may not be generic", proc_if->name);

Nevertheless I'd like to propose two changes:

1) I think those two lines you added should go into resolve.c
(resolve_symbol), to make sure this also works when the lines in the
example are exchanged to:
  procedure(p4) :: p6
  procedure(sub) :: p4
This case would still give an error with your patch.

2) The "if" should become a "while", to make it work for deeper nesting, as in:
  procedure(sub) :: p4
  procedure(p4) :: p6
  procedure(p6) :: p8

So then the patch would look like this:

Index: gcc/fortran/resolve.c
--- gcc/fortran/resolve.c	(Revision 129686)
+++ gcc/fortran/resolve.c	(Arbeitskopie)
@@ -7672,6 +7672,9 @@ resolve_symbol (gfc_symbol *sym)
   if (sym->attr.procedure && sym->interface
       && sym->attr.if_source != IFSRC_DECL)
+      while (sym->interface->interface)
+	sym->interface = sym->interface->interface;
       /* Get the attributes from the interface (now resolved).  */
       if (sym->interface->attr.if_source || sym->interface->attr.intrinsic)

Does this make sense to you?

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