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Re: [doc] more cleanups for invoke.texi

On 10/23/07, Janis Johnson <> wrote:

>         * doc/invoke.texi (Option Summary, optimizations): Remove
>         -fbounds-check.  Add -fassociative-math, -freciprocal-math,
>         -ftree-vrp and -funit-at-a-time.  Change -fno-split-wide-types to
>         -fsplit-wide-types to match later entry.  Break up a long line.
>         (Option Summary, code gen options)  Add -fno-stack-limit.  Add
>         missing @gol to the end of a line.
>         (Optimization Options): Remove -fbounds-check, which is also
>         documented under Code Generation Options.  Remove =n from
>         index entry for -ftree-parallelize-loops.  Change -fno-cprop-registers
>         to -fcprop-registers to match other options, and say when it is
>         enabled rather than disabled.  Remove extra index entry for
>         -fno-cx-limited-range.  Add index entries for -fstack-protector
>         and -fstack-protector-all
>         (Code Gen Options): Add index entry for -ftls-model.


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