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[PATCH,vect] ppc cost model options


	I am enabling VMX auto-vectorization for AIX 5.3.  Most testcases
succeed.  You can see the failures in the recent testresults.

	One set of failures is due to the ppc costmodel using -mcpu=7400.
AIX does not run on that processor and does not support that option to
invoke the AIX assembler properly.

	I would like to change the compile-only option to -mcpu=970, which
is supported by AIX.  Is there a reason to prefer 7400 instead of 970?

Thanks, David

	  * gcc.dg/vect/costmodel/ppc/ppc-costmodel-vect.exp: Use
	-mcpu=970 instead of 7400.

Index: ppc-costmodel-vect.exp
--- ppc-costmodel-vect.exp	(revision 129469)
+++ ppc-costmodel-vect.exp	(working copy)
@@ -49,7 +49,7 @@
 } else {
     if [is-effective-target ilp32] {
         # Specify a cpu that supports VMX for compile-only tests.
-        lappend DEFAULT_VECTCFLAGS "-mcpu=7400"
+        lappend DEFAULT_VECTCFLAGS "-mcpu=970"
     set dg-do-what-default compile

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