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[Ada] Constraint_Error when parsing ALI files

Tested on i686-linux, committed on trunk.

When parsing an ALI file that references arrays with indexes of a
predefined type like integer, and if the code is compiled with
pragma Initialize_Scalars and -gnatVa, then a constraint_error is raised

Also fix support for parsing interface and array index types in ALI files:
prior to this patch, only the last such information was stored in the
resulting data structures, and therefore other tools could not benefit
from it

2007-10-15  Emmanuel Briot  <>

	*, ali.adb (Scan_ALI): Initialize XE.Tref to a known default
	(Xref_Record): Change type for Line, since in the case of a reference to
	a predefined entity (as happens for array index types), the line is set
	to 0.
	Add support for parsing multiple array index types info, or
	multiple inherited interfaces info. This information cannot be stored
	in Xref_Entity_Record, which only supports a single instance of Tref_*,
	and is therefore stored in the list of references instead. It has a
	special treatement later on in tools that use this information.

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