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Re: [PATCH] Fix DCE REG_LIBCALL note moving from noop move insns (PR rtl-optimization/33644)

On 10/19/07, Richard Kenner <> wrote:
> > The last time this came up, it was pretty much agreed that the main
> > reason to still have libcalls was to allow dynamic TLS addresses
> > (which involve calls) to be CSE-ed.  I don't know if this actually
> > works as expected right now, I've never checked that.
> I'd expect this to be very similar, if not identical, to a call to
> something like _muldi3.  Why isn't it?

Things like a multiplication can be CSE-ed in tree-ssa, so there
should not be any libcalls of this kind to CSE in the generated RTL.

But TLS addressing is not exposed in GIMPLE so you can't CSE the TLS
addresses either.

static __thread int a, b;
int foo (void)
  return a + b;

Compile with -fpic.  There should only be one call to __tls_get_addr
to get a base address.  Without libcalls there will be two calls.  The
base address is not exposed in tree-ssa.

Search for TLS_ADDR_EXPR with Google ;-)


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