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Re: [Patch, fortran] PR31217 - ICE using FORALL on character substrings

Paul Richard Thomas wrote:
> Regtested on Cygwin_NT/amd64 (I'll do the checks tonight on
> x86_ia64/FC5) - OK for trunk?
Unfortunately not: If I regtest, I get an ICE (segmentation fault) for
the new forall_12.f90.

Minimal test case:
  character(len=1) :: b(4) = (/"1","2","3","4"/)
  forall(i=1:1) b(:)(i:i) = b(:)(i:i)

Valgrind shows (using Rev. 129442 and no other patches applied):

==14821== Invalid read of size 4
==14821==    at 0x459520: find_forall_index (resolve.c:4339)
==14821==    by 0x4597AD: find_forall_index (resolve.c:4383)
==14821==    by 0x45987E: gfc_resolve_assign_in_forall (resolve.c:5729)
==14821==    by 0x462C1C: resolve_code (resolve.c:5802)
==14821==    by 0x463740: resolve_codes (resolve.c:8971)
==14821==    by 0x463784: gfc_resolve (resolve.c:8990)


PS: Do you also plan to submit
It seems to fix all the problem reported in PR31608, which don't have
PRs of their own; that patch regtested successfully.

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