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Re: [PATCH, score] : for score backend, part 2


This is patch for score backend is committed to mainline (gcc-4_2-branch 
and trunk).
because the patch is too big for one mail, so i split it into 2 parts.

09/27/2007 03:32 PM

GCC Patches <>

[PATCH, score] : for score backend, part 1

Dear All,

This patch is for gcc-4.2.x/gcc-trunk score backend.
beacuse we merge score3 and score7 into the same backend,
so make a lot of changes in the code structure.

        * config.gcc : update score-*-elf(extra_objs).
        * config/score/ : Remove.
        * config/score/ : Remove.
        * config/score/ : Remove.
        * config/score/score-mdaux.h : Remove.
        * config/score/score-mdaux.c : Remove.
        * config/score/score-version.h : Remove.
        * config/score/ : New.
        * config/score/score3.h : New.
        * config/score/score3.c : New.
        * config/score/score7.h : New.
        * config/score/score7.c : New.
        * config/score/mul-div.S : add flush_cache score3 support.
        * config/score/elf.h : Fix some typos.
        * config/score/ : merge score3 and score7 pattern.
        * config/score/score.c : use to seperate which target it used.
        * config/score/score.h : use to seperate the target macro.
        * config/score/score.opt : remove -mmac option , add -mscore3,
        -mscore3d and -march OPTION support.
Because this patch is too big, I had to seperate it into 2 parts to send.

Best Regards

[附件 "score-20070926-1.diff" 被 liqin/Sunnorth 删除]

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