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RE: RFC: gcc-4.3/changes.html for MIPS

Richard Sandiford wrote:
> "Fu, Chao-Ying" <> writes:
> >
> > Could we add fixed-point supports for MIPS targets to this page?
> Ah yeah, I forgot to say: I'd deliberately left fixed-point support
> off the list because I thought we'd want it in the C section instead.
> I realise the infrastructure has only been ported to MIPS so far, but
> seeing as it's an implementation of a cross-target standard, I thought
> it was much more general than anything else on the MIPS-specific list.
> (The only vaguely comparable item might be the target-independent
> changes for the "nomips16" and "mips16" support.  However, unlike the
> fixed-point support, the user-visible manifestation of those changes
> is very target-specific.)
> It's Gerald's call though.  If the consensus is that it should go
> in the MIPS section, your patch is fine by me.
> Richard

Hi Gerald,

  Do you think we should put the fixed-point support to the C section or 
the MIPS section?



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