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Re: [Patch, fortran] PR33664 - crash on invalid program

Paul Richard Thomas wrote:

I am sorry to be so long in coming back to you - I've been a bit
pressed with daytime work.

For the purposes of this patch, the lack of resolution and the
impurity indicate that the symbol cannot be a function in a
specification expression.
Why is that?  How does the lack of resolution indicate this?  (It could
have its PURE attribute set during resolution, couldn't it?  Then the
code would be legal.)

Not doing this caused regressions with generic interfaces with pure specifics. The symbol points to the generic function, whilst the esym points to the specific. The generic need not (cannot?) be pure.

Well, I still don't understand it, but as you had a purpose in adding this, I think it (and the patch) is ok. If I don't miss anything, PR 33499 looks like an overhaul of interface handling would be a good thing in any case.

I'm also interested in these details out of self-interest,  My patch for
PR 20851 broke resolution of some other permutations of valid objects.
This problem is now PR33689.

It looks like you fixed that one:-)

It turned out to be much simpler than thought :-)

- Tobi

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