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Re: [Bug rtl-optimization/33676] libgfortran bootstrap failure: selected_int_kind.f90:22: Segmentation fault, wrong code with -fomit-frame-pointer

On 10/12/07, Serge Belyshev <> wrote:

> >>     PR middle-end/33676
> >>     * gcc.dg/torture/pr33676.c: New.
> >
> > This is wrong place for tests that fail with "-fomit-frame-pointer".
> > dg-torture will cycle all optimization levels, but
> > -fomit-frame-pointer will be checked only at -O3. However, since we
> > know that the testcase fails with "-O0 -fomit-frame-pointer", gcc.dg
> > is a better place for this.
> But as the bug fixed, it doesn't fail anymore.  So this is in torture,
> compiled several times, using different options, testing for *another*
> (possibly similar, but doesn't matter) regression to appear.
> Also note that original bug failed not only with -O0 -fomit-frame-pointer
> but also with any of: -O{0,1,2,3} -fomit-frame-pointer -march=i{3,4,5}86

But under this rationale, we could apply torture procedure to the
whole gcc.dg directory. All these files fail for multiple optimization
levels and multiple sub-targets.


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