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Re: [patch] libstdc++: Limit Riemann zeta testcases on simulator

> Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2007 08:56:13 -0400
> From: Ed Smith-Rowland <>

> Jesper Nilsson wrote:

> > +// This can take long on simulators, timing out the test.
> > +// { dg-options "-DMAX_ITERATIONS=5" { target simulator } }

> I might be OK to limit the number of iterations for *one* target.  The 
> data set that is being looped over is also a numeric accuracy check so 
> I'm a little reluctant to truncate the tests for *all* targets.

Jesper mentioned that the patch and the observations apply
*only* when running on a simulator.  I think it's appropriate to
prune the amount of numerical churn for such targets.  Similar
patches have been applied to other time-consuming tests in the
libstdc++ testsuite.

> OTOH, I'm a little shocked at how long it takes to run the computations!
> I don't have access to this architecture.  Does this arch have floating 
> point?


>  Or is it simulated?


> Maybe we might want to xfail on targets where you really aren't going to 
> be crunching numbers.

The "target simulator" part takes care of that.

> I'll go check on my machines to see if Zeta is one of the more slow 
> algorithms.

I suggest not wasting that time; you probably will not notice it
on hardware-floating-point non-simulated hosts.

brgds, H-P

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