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Re: [PATCH] restore NOSTRIP for .debug_frame on mips-irix

Hello Richard,

Richard Sandiford wrote:
> If we need this bit set for correctness, I think GAS should add it
> automatically when the GAS (rather than IRIX) .section syntax is
> used.

 The patch was simply modeled after what the compiler used to do.
 I agree that dealing with this in GAS looks cleaner.

> GAS already knows that certain sections are special in certain ways,


> and if proper behaviour requires a GAS change too, I
> suppose users will have to upgrade to newer binutils either way.

 Actually, we had observed the behavior with 2.16, this led to a
 discussion with a patch suggestion at

 The patch was approved but apparently didn't go in and I was
 assuming it was still needed.

 However, I just tried my patched compiler with untouched 2.17 and
 2.18 assemblers and both seem to propagate the extra NOSTRIP bit, so
 something else happened.

 Anyway, _bfd_mips_elf_fake_sections in bfd/elfxx-mips.c still really
 looks like the proper place to have this change as there is a lot of
 similar processing there already.

 The attached patch fixes the tiny case I posted, and I'd be happy to
 submit it to the binutils list after the required testing if you think
 is appropriate.

 Thanks for your feedback,



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