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Re: [PATCH] Fix PR 16660, attribute((aligned)) doesn't work for variables on the stack for greater than required alignment

On 10/9/07, H.J. Lu <> wrote:
> What did you mean by "what is required than 16byte alignment"?
> The alignment reqiurement of a local variable is the alignment
> reqiurement of its type which can be a structure, a scalar or a
> vector type.  My proposal treats the alignment reqiurement of
> a structure the same as the alignment reqiurement of a scalar/vector
> type. Why can't my proposal align stack to 256 byte?

If you want to implement something, that is ok with me but I have this
patch now and have it on the table since May of this year and nobody
complained about the patch for 5 months which seems like a long time.
I also pinged this patch ~ once a month and nobody reviewed it.  This
is getting annoying.  I had been asked to ping this patch again but
some internal developers to be able to get this working for 4.3.  Your
proposal has the ability to work but it is not implemented yet.  My
works now and is really needed for Cell development.  If you want to
go out and implement your proposal that is ok with me but the
implementation I have should go in as a stop gap while yours is being
worked on.  I am getting tried of pinging this patch anyways.  I have
better things to do, like fix some CSE load/store missed optimizations
(which is needed for some C++ cases).

Andrew Pinski

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