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Re: [patch] m68k: Fix uses of curly braces in the assembly output

Kazu Hirata <> writes:

> Hi Andreas,
>>> My recent ASSEMBLER_DIALECT patch broke uses of curly braces in the
>>> assembly output because '{' and '}' are now special characters to
>>> control dialects.
>> Does that also apply to asm statements?
> Apparently so as illustrated by:
> It seems that I have broken backward compatibility.  If the user uses '{'
> and '}' in bitfield instructions, then his/her code won't assemble.

I'm afraid then we have to revert the ASSEMBLER_DIALECT patch, unless
there is a way to do that without breaking compatibility.  IMHO backward
compatibility is more important than convenience here.

> gcc's asm statements require the user to be familiar with gcc's internal
> to some extent, but I am not sure if we want to expose directives for
> assembly diarect.
> Thoughts?

There is still the option to remove the MIT syntax option and use
Motorola syntax throughout, if only the OpenBSD people could agree on
updating their assembler.


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