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Re: [PATCH,fortran] Fix PR 31244

I was clearing my mail backlog, and apparently this patch wasn't reviewed, sorry Steve!

I had an alternative patch that put a sane limit on
the repeat count and documented this limit in manual.
Personally, I preferred this patch.

Sanity check: you prefer the patch you submitted to the patch adding a limit, did I get it right?

2007-09-24 Steven G. Kargl <>

	PR fortran/31244
	* decl.c (free_value): Clear mpz value.
	(top_val_list): Convert variable from unsigned int to mpz_t.
	* gfortran.h (gfc_data_value): Ditto.
	* resolve.c (struct values): Ditto
	(next_data_value): Use mpz_t variable.
	(check_data_variable): Ditto.
	(resolve_data): Ditto.

OK, with the following modification:

-	  signed int tmp;
-	  msg = gfc_extract_int (expr, &tmp);
+	  if (expr->ts.type == BT_INTEGER)
+	    mpz_set (tail->repeat, expr->value.integer);
 	  gfc_free_expr (expr);

I think, to be consistent with what gfc_extract_int() did, we should add a check that the expression is an EXPR_CONSTANT of type BT_INTEGER, and otherwise call gfc_error(). Maybe this is already checked somewhere, in which case I've missed it.

Also, a formatting question. In the following, is the blank line consistent with GCC coding style? (I don't think so, and never put one.)

 static void
-resolve_data (gfc_data * d)
+resolve_data (gfc_data *d)
   if (resolve_data_variables (d->var) == FAILURE)

Thanks, FX

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