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Re: [v3] 25_algo merge/flatten from libstdcxx_so_7

> I just went through and diffed so_7's testsuite for 25_algo. It looks
> like everything is now in mainline (some names and locations have
> changed), except for the

It looks like I missed some search differences. Ooops.
> Presumably these will move over when the rest of the library
> support for move semantics goes in? Anyway.

Actually.... this moves over the rvalrefs/moveable testsuite additions
from libstdcxx_so_7-branch to mainline. Chris, it would be great if you
could look this over, but I'll assume it's ok if I've not heard
anything by Thursday.

This makes all tests dg-require-rvalrefs, which is a bit of
a hokey dependency test for the library components, ie move. This seems

Some slight changes to paths, __gnu_cxx::__make_move_iterator to
std::make_move_iterator (and #include <iterator> if necessary),
__gnu_cxx::__move to std::move (and #include <utility> if necessary),

Chris, I forgot to add you to the ChangeLog entry on the first patch.
I've corrected that. 

tested x86/linux


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