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Re: [vtab] Permit coalescing of user variables

Alexandre Oliva wrote:
This patch should largely reduce memory consumption for some large
machine-generated tests similar to those that triggered the reversion
of the patch that stopped inlined user variables from being coalesced.

Without the upcoming -fvar-tracking-assignments, this patch messes
with debug information of such testcases beyond repair.  We might want
to make this conditional on -fvar-tracking-assignments, maybe.

Once we don't lose the debug info for the coalesced user vars, this would be fine. I assume this patch would be part of the var_tracking_assignments changes. It is not acceptable in mainline until the debug info for these user variables are maintained somehow.

So do I understand this correctly? the improved debug info is being controlled by a flag (-fvar-tracking-assignments) rather than just the -g option? If thats the case this patch would clearly have to be under the same flag or we'd be destroying debug info we do have today when it wasn't used. I presume the reason is -fvar-tracking-assignments affects generated code, and the long term goal is to solve that issue and to remove the -fvar-tracking-assignments option and simply use -g?


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