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Re: -fvar-tracking-assignments initial patch set

On 10/2/07, Alexandre Oliva <> wrote:
> >> I can send you the patches in private if you'd like to get your hands
> >> dirty right away, just let me know ;-)
> > No need to hurry, I'll happily wait for the patches to arrive on the branch.
> I've just completed checking in the patches I had handy.


> I've made some major changes just before the check in (DEBUG_INSNs
> used to be plain INSNs before, and flag_var_tracking_assignments
> didn't exist), so there's a chance that bootstrap-debug doesn't pass
> ATM.  I'm looking into it, but I'm going to be away tomorrow.
> Feel free to check things into the branch, but if you do, please post
> the patch along with the check in revision number, such that we can
> easily cherry-pick changes into mainline.

Can you do a short write-up on what issues the branch will solve and how
it does so?  I think I see what you are doing, but am curious exactly why
you chose the particular implementation and what features you have in
mind with the approach.

I am going to prototype what I had in mind to see if it is viable and do a
writeup of that approach as well.


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