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Re: [vtab (and trunk?)] fix fallout from SSA-coalescing user variables

On 10/1/07, Alexandre Oliva <> wrote:
> After installing the patch that enables SSA coalescing of all
> variables, I've experienced some compilation errors in Ada, having to
> do with EH tables.
> As it turns out, the compiler was not ready for such coalescing of
> gimple registers.  It created situations in which, because of the
> abnormal setjmp/longjmp edges used for EH in the (stage1?) Ada
> compiler, we'd get variables that were gimple registers and that had
> multiple live versions simultaneously renamed at the time of
> inlining.  This should never happen.
> This patch arranges for us to note the correct variable version to use
> at the new edges for such gimple registers, instead of incorrectly
> relying on renaming to do that.

I think you need to update the comment before update_ssa_across_abnormal_edges.
Can you take care of bootstrapping/testing this, check if it fixes
PR33572 and add
the testcase?


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