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Re: deadline extension for debug info project into GCC 4.3 stage3?

dear friends .. i am new to this forum ... i have joined here cos i need help
for my  project ...

i am assigned with a project titled " design a program analyser by modifying
GCC compiler" .. i have no idea about modifying GCC compiler ... can u
please help me out with it ... 

thanks and best regards ... 

Alexandre Oliva-2 wrote:
> On Oct  1, 2007, "Richard Guenther" <> wrote:
>> Can you develop this more in the open to allow contribution,
>> facititate further review and make merging it to 4.4 less pain?
> Sure!  I'm very glad you asked ;-)
> I've just created the var-tracking-assignments branch, and I'll check
> my pending patches into it over the course of the day.  Some of them
> are also applicable to mainline, so I'll submit them as such; others
> are branch-only for now, and I'll use ChangeLog.vta for them.
>> I find myself in a situation where I would need to start doing the
>> same work as you (possibly).
> I can send you the patches in private if you'd like to get your hands
> dirty right away, just let me know ;-)
> Here's the patch for the web pages that I'm checking in:
> --- svn.html	13 Sep 2007 02:13:37 -0300	1.61
> +++ svn.html	01 Oct 2007 11:53:32 -0300	
> @@ -156,6 +156,12 @@ list therefore provides only some repres
>  <dl>
> +  <dt>var-tracking-assignments-branch</dt>
> +  <dd>This branch aims at improving debug information by annotating
> +  assignments early in the compilation, and carrying over such
> +  annotations throughout optimization passes and representations.
> +  This branch is maintained by Alexandre Oliva.</dd>
> +
>    <dt> projects/tree-profiling.html tree-profiling-branch </dt>
>    <dd>This branch is for the development of profiling heuristics
>    and profile based optimizations for trees, such as profile driven
> inline
> -- 
> Alexandre Oliva
> FSF Latin America Board Member
> Red Hat Compiler Engineer   aoliva@{,}
> Free Software Evangelist  oliva@{,}

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