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Re: [PING][PATCH] [modulo-sched] Change the ddg's construction

> Kenny, thanks for the quick approval. Any follow-up changes needed for
> now that df_ru_add_problem() is left without a caller?
> Revital, this is ok with me too, with some minor comments below.
> Ayal.

Thanks for the comments.  Regarding the following -

> > -  /* Find inter-loop anti deps.  We are interested in uses of the
> that
> > -     appear below all defs; this implies that these uses are killed.
> > -  EXECUTE_IF_SET_IN_BITMAP (ru_bb_info->kill, 0, u_num, bi)
> > -    {
> > -      struct df_ref *use = DF_USES_GET (u_num);
> > -      if (!(DF_REF_FLAGS (use) & DF_REF_IN_NOTE))
> Please comment why we no longer check and exclude such uses.

I'll address this in a separate patch which means we currently do not
exclude uses that appears inside a REG_EQUAL or REG_EQUIV note; I've
added ??? mark to revisit this issue later on.

Attached is the patch including the comments.

OK to mainline?


2007-07-30  Revital Eres  <>

        * ddg.c (add_deps_for_def): Rename to...
        (add_cross_iteration_register_deps): This.  Change implementation
        to use only reaching def and def-use chains to construct the
        inter loop dependencies.
        (add_deps_for_use): Remove function.
        (build_inter_loop_deps): Call add_cross_iteration_register_deps
        function to build the inter loop dependencies.
        * modulo-sched.c (sms_schedule): Build only
        reaching def and def-use chains for the propose of the ddg

(See attached file: patch_ddg_30.txt)

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