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Re: ICE for fortran reasoned by wrong sizetype size for x86_64 mingw32 target

Hi Paul,

I got from Paul Thomas the hint that you are the author of the f95-lang.c 
file of gcc. So may you are the right person to comment or approve this 
patch.I found the problem in gfc_init_decl_processing choosing the wrong 
'sizetype' type for some targets. The code assumes, that the 'sizetype' is 
a 'unsigned long', which is not true for the x86_64-pc-mingw32 target. 
This target defines the 'long' type 32-bit and a pointer is 64-bit (a 
'long long'). This results in an ICE for the fortan compiler for the 
x86_64-pc-mingw32 target. The attached patch fixes this problem.
Additionally there was coming up some question about the support of the 
fortan compiler for 16-bit targets (but this is an off topic issue IMHO).

2007-07-23  Kai Tietz  <>
        * f95-lang.c: (gfc_init_decl_processing): Choose sizetype by using 

Thanks in advance and cheers,
 i.A. Kai Tietz

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