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Re: [PATCH][C++/Java] Get rid of the walk_subtrees langhook

Richard Guenther writes:
 > This gets rid of the walk_subtrees langhook which is called at every
 > invocation of walk_trees.  The only real user is the C++ frontend which
 > is too lazy to use its own walk_tree.  Instead of duplicating walk_tree
 > there I made the langhook an extra callback parameter for walk_tree
 > and replaced all occurances in the C++ frontend by a wrapper called
 > cp_walk_tree that passes the current langhook implementation.  All
 > cases covered in the langhook look frontend specific and should not
 > affect middle-end walkers.
 > Apart from nice to LTO this should bring a noticable speedup for
 > targets with slow indirect calls.
 > Full bootstrap and regtest on x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu still running
 > for C++ and Java, though build and C++ testing finished successfully
 > already.
 > Ok for mainline?  (This needs a GWP at best)
 > Note I did not go through callers to walk_tree in the C++ frontend
 > to identify which ones really need the callback but just changed them
 > all over.

I guess that's OK, yes.  Now that inlining is done on generic trees
rather than java FE trees there's no need for java_tree_inlining_walk_subtrees.


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