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RFA: GPLv3: gcc/fortran

Hi Guys,

  Here is the GPLv3 patch for the gcc/fortran directory.

  OK to apply ?


2007-07-26  Nick Clifton  <>

	* arith.c: Change copyright header to refer to version 3 of the
	GNU General Public License and to point readers at the COPYING3
	file and the FSF's license web page.
	* openmp.c, interface.c, intrinsic.c, trans-array.c, trans-expr.c,
	symbol.c, iso-fortran-env.def, intrinsic.h, decl.c, trans-array.h,
	matchexp.c, dump-parse-tree.c, trans-common.c, array.c,, trans-openmp.c, gfortran.h, error.c,
	iso-c-binding.def, lang.opt, data.c, trans-const.c, trans-stmt.c,
	expr.c, trans-const.h, trans-stmt.h, module.c, trans.c, scanner.c,
	trans-types.c, trans.h, gfortranspec.c, trans-types.h,
	lang-specs.h, io.c, bbt.c, resolve.c, f95-lang.c, st.c,
	iresolve.c, match.c, trans-decl.c, trans-io.c, target-memory.c,
	match.h, target-memory.h, parse.c, arith.h, check.c, dependency.c,
	parse.h, types.def, convert.c, dependency.h, primary.c,
	trans-intrinsic.c, options.c, misc.c, simplify.c: Likewise.

Attachment: gcc.fortran.gplv3.patch.bz2
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