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Re: PING: Re: patch: libiberty adjustments for _WIN64

> This code all seems like a complex workaround for the fact that
> pex-common.h uses "long" as the return type for the exec_child hook.
> But pex-common.c really doesn't care what the value is.  It just
> takes the value from the exec_child hook and passes it to the wait
> hook.  So rather than introducing a new array in the heap, let's
> just change the interface.

We've had this discussion before; the problem is that some platforms
have sizeof(long) > sizeof(void*) and others have sizeof(long) <
sizeof(void*).  So you can't just pass "anything" through that API
unless you have configure pick a suitable type and build libiberty
with it as well as your application.

It would be nice to have a way for libiberty's configure to provide a
.h for other applications to use; this would solve a couple of other
problems also.  I'm not sure how easy that would be to implement.
Alternative is to provide a *.m4 file for clients to include, so that
at least the tests are consistent.  Otherwise we risk having a client
use a different ABI than libiberty.

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