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Re: RFA: Add GPLv3 COPYING files

On Sun, 2007-07-15 at 12:57 -0600, Tom Tromey wrote:
> >>>>> "Nick" == Nick Clifton <> writes:
> Nick> libjava/classpath/ChangeLog
> Nick> 2007-07-14  Nick Clifton  <>
> Nick> 	* COPYING_v3: New file.  Contains version 3 of the GNU General
> Nick> 	Public License.
> I think the Classpath parts of the change should be done upstream and
> then imported.  Offhand I'm not sure whether anybody is working on
> this; I CC'd Mark W. to see whether he knows.

Yes, we have not yet done any upgrade because there were other gplv2
projects depending on GNU Classpath and there was a request from Eben to
first talk about the "runtime exception" wording as currently used as
classpath-exception to make it better fit the wording of gplv3 before
doing any such upgrade.

BTW. I thought the status of that is similar to any other runtime
library which comes with an exception in GCC if I read Mark Mitchell's
message correctly:



P.S. Of course since GNU Classpath contains the "or later" language you
are fine to upgrade your local copy to v3 already. But please use the
ChangeLog.gcj file, and not the upstream ChangeLog file, for recording
any such changes to make re-merging with upstream easier.

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