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Re: RFC: Create a COPYING_v2 file and update files in ginclude to refer to it

On Jul 13, 2007, at 10:27 AM, DJ Delorie wrote:
Nick: Make sure you don't change the toplevel COPYING until all the
subdirectories are converted; maybe "COPYINGv3" makes sense for the
toplevel too.

Yes, please, let's be way more careful than this. I think having a COPYING_v3 makes perfect sense. All the source files refer to COPYING, we don't want to change them all, you couldn't even really be sure you found them all. So, we should leave COPYING alone. Put the v3 in COPYING_v3, and then, new files can refer to version 3. There is no ambiguity or concern that v2 files refer to the v2 copying. There is a slight misconnect on the v3 files referring to COPYING, which, I think would be fine for now, as we do expect to resolve the outstanding libgcc exception issue and bump it up to v3. When that happens, we can then move COPYING_v3 to COPYING and then the conversion process is complete.

This process is also auditable via patch review. Only v3 files will have content changes. If you edit a libgcc style file, we can then scream and say no, not that one. We don't have to worry that you missed an obscure corner and missed updating a file that should have been updated.

On trunk, all this should happen well before release.

For the 4.2 release branch, I'd say, let's follow our standard engineering practice and beta things on mainline.

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