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Re: Fwd: [ALL TARGETS] final patch for PR 25241

On Tue, 10 Jul 2007, Manuel López-Ibáñez wrote:
> Unfortunately, I cannot test anything else apart from
> i686-pc-gnu-linux. Thus, some testcases that currently do nasty things
> (like matching multiple error/warnings with one dg-error or dg-warning
> directive) may break.

The question arises: how to match multiple lines now?

> 2007-07-10  Manuel Lopez-Ibanez  <>
>   PR testsuite/25241
>   * gcc.test-framework/dg-error-exp-F.c: New test.
>   * gcc.test-framework/dg-warning-exp-F.c: New test.
>   * lib/gcc.exp: Enable warning and error prefixes.
>   * lib/gcc-dg.exp (dg-warning): Wrap original dg-warning.
>   (dg-error): Wrap original dg-error.
>   * Remove explicit error/warning
>   markers from dg-error/dg-warning directives.
>   * Likewise.

Your ChangeLog entry didn't mention gcc.dg/20011127-1.c (a
target-specific test that predates which now breaks,
because after every line with ``"invalid 'asm': invalid operand
modifier letter"'', the rtx operand is printed.  It used to
match a separate dg-error line but now it doesn't anymore.  It
looks like this in the log:

FAIL: gcc.dg/20011127-1.c (test for excess errors)
Excess errors:
(reg:SI 9 r9 [25])
(reg:SI 9 r9 [26])
(reg:SI 9 r9 [27])
(reg:SI 9 r9 [28])
(reg:SI 9 r9 [29])
(reg:SI 9 r9 [30])
(reg:SI 9 r9 [31])
(reg:SI 9 r9 [32])
(reg:SI 9 r9 [33])
(reg:SI 9 r9 [34])
(reg:SI 9 r9 [35])

So, how do I match those lines, now that the line

/* { dg-error "reg:SI|const_double:DF" "prune debug_rtx output" { target cris-*-* } 0 } */

doesn't catch it?

brgds, H-P

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