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[patch] for PR 32729


can_duplicate_block_p prevents us from duplicating a basic block if it has a fallthru edge
going to the exit block (which in the testcase for this PR prevents a loop from being unrolled).
However, there does not seem to be a reason for this restriction; even if there is a problem
with several fallthru edges to exit, cfg_layout_finalize should fix it.

Bootstrapped & regtested on i686.


	PR rtl-optimization/32729
	* cfghooks.c (can_duplicate_block_p): Do not forbid duplicating blocks
	that fallthru to exit.

Index: cfghooks.c
*** cfghooks.c	(revision 126547)
--- cfghooks.c	(working copy)
*************** tidy_fallthru_edges (void)
*** 838,845 ****
  can_duplicate_block_p (basic_block bb)
-   edge e;
    if (!cfg_hooks->can_duplicate_block_p)
      internal_error ("%s does not support can_duplicate_block_p",
--- 838,843 ----
*************** can_duplicate_block_p (basic_block bb)
*** 847,858 ****
    if (bb == EXIT_BLOCK_PTR || bb == ENTRY_BLOCK_PTR)
      return false;
-   /* Duplicating fallthru block to exit would require adding a jump
-      and splitting the real last BB.  */
-   e = find_edge (bb, EXIT_BLOCK_PTR);
-   if (e && (e->flags & EDGE_FALLTHRU))
-     return false;
    return cfg_hooks->can_duplicate_block_p (bb);
--- 845,850 ----

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