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Re: tgmath.h (Geoffrey Keating) writes:

> This patch provides a tgmath.h which works with GCC.
> I've arranged the patch so that it provides this on all systems.  I
> think this is best, because:
> - on Linux, the tgmath.h in glibc is equivalent but larger;
> - on Darwin, the compiler is expected to provide a tgmath.h, because
>   the file is entirely compiler-specific, so using tgmath.h won't work
>   on Darwin with FSF GCC unless one is provided; and
> - on other OSs I expect that either there's no system tgmath.h or it's
>   not suitable for GCC
> - on OSs which don't provide the full set of C99 math functions,
>   everything will can work will still work.
> I'm running a bootstrap and a C testrun now; in Apple's tree this has
> also been validated using Plum-Hall.
> What do people think?  Should I try to suppress this on Linux?  I'll
> wait a few days before committing for comments.

glibc has it's own tgmath.h header and I think you should not install it
on glibc systems,

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