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Re: gnu_inline attribute for C++

Ian Lance Taylor <> writes:

> Mark Mitchell <> writes:
> > Doesn't something already check that we don't have DECL_INITIAL for both
> > NEW_RESULT and OLD_RESULT?  If we have DECL_INITIAL for both, that means
> > the function is defined twice, which should be an error.  Or does
> > gnu_inline allow you to override the definition in the same translation
> > unit?  That's a pretty nasty complication.  I'm not confident that you
> > can undo the effects of DECL_INTERFACE_KNOWN and such after the fact, in
> > the way that you're trying to do.
> The gnu_inline attribute does permit overriding the definition in the
> same translation unit.  You can see this in action in the gcc sources:
> compare the definition of floor_log2 in toplev.h and toplev.c.

The C++ language, however, doesn't permit such things, and I doubt
that the C++ frontend is expecting such things to happen.

What happens if you have a structure definition with the same name in
both functions, and it needs RTTI support?

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