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Re: ping: back end reinitialization hooks to support mixed mips16/nomips16 compilation in same file

Ian Lance Taylor wrote:

> Short of the ideal of encapsulating the global info in a structure, we
> need a single function which initializes everything based on the
> current target state.  That function should be called at compiler
> startup, and it may be called by the backend when appropriate.  I
> think that a _reinit function which is not called at startup is simply
> going to rot over time.

If backend_reinit were the very last function called by the normal
at-startup GCC initialization machinery, would you feel more comfortable
about it?  That would ensure that (a) the function is being used on
targets that don't do ISA-switching, and that (b) it can be safely
called after everything else has been set up.  (It doesn't prove that it
reinitializes enough, but that's something that will be found when
people find problems with the ISA-switching support.)

Mark Mitchell
(650) 331-3385 x713

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