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Re: Fwd: [ALL TARGETS] final patch for PR 25241

On Tue, 2007-07-10 at 17:32 +0100, Manuel LÃpez-IbÃÃez wrote:
> These patches fix PR  25241 for the C front-end.
> One patch adds the changes needed to fix the testsuite framework and
> the corresponding tests. It wraps the original dg-warning and dg-error
> directives with two custom versions that check that the message
> contains gcc_warning_prefix or gcc_error_prefix, respectively. Then,
> it defines gcc_warning_prefix and gcc_error_prefix for the C front-end
> tests. It also adds two tests to the test-framework testsuite so we
> can be sure that the testsuite is working correctly.
> The other patch removes the explicit "warning" and "error" markers
> used by some tests. This was done automatically by using the attached
> script.
> Regression tested and I also ran the framework tests. Further testing welcome!

Thanks for putting so much work into this!  I'll test it on
powerpc64-linux, for all languages to make sure there aren't
unexpected affects on tests other than C.


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