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Re: PR/32004, tree-ssa caused in/out asm constraints to often need reloads

> In this case however this is a much worse bug (it is P1 for a reason,
> even if the testcase was not reported by a user), so I'm committing the
> additional fix which has been approved by Richard.

If the problem has never been reported by a user, it cannot be reasonably P1 
at this point.  Remember that the 4.1 branch is used by many vendors as their 
system compiler so we must be conservative with what we put on it.

You have acknowledged that you made a mistake by not submitting a separate 
patch for the 4.2/4.1 branches.  If you didn't make this mistake, I'd have
seen the request for the 4.1 branch and opposed it; your patch being within
the purview of my maintainership, there are reasonable chances that my opinion 
would have prevailed.

So, please, correct your initial mistake and formally resubmit the patch for 
approval for the 4.2/4.1 branches.  I'll still oppose it for the 4.1 branch 
so you'll need to find 2 other maintainers to overrule my position; if you 
fail, you'll have to revert the patch on the branch.  Thanks in advance.

Eric Botcazou

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