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[patch, Ada] Third Argument for pragma Machine_Attribute

The implementation defined pragma Machine_Attribute has an
undocumented third argument 'Info' (see sem_prag.adb):

--  pragma Machine_Attribute (
--    [Entity         =>] LOCAL_NAME,
--    [Attribute_Name =>] static_string_EXPRESSION
--  [,[Info           =>] static_string_EXPRESSION] );

For example

   procedure Handler;
   pragma Machine_Attribute (Handler, "interrupt", "FIQ");
   procedure Handler is ...

is equivalent to

   void handler (void) __attribute__ ((interrupt ("FIQ")));

The following small patch makes the 'Info' argument work:

--- gcc-4.3-20070615-orig/gcc/ada/decl.c	2007-06-10 20:36:40.000000000
+++ gcc-4.3-20070615/gcc/ada/decl.c	2007-07-07 19:41:06.000000000 +0200
@@ -4870,11 +4870,8 @@
 	    if (Present (Next (Next (First (gnat_assoc))))
 		&& (Nkind (Expression (Next (Next (First (gnat_assoc)))))
 		    == N_String_Literal))
-	      gnu_arg1 = get_identifier (TREE_STRING_POINTER
-					 (gnat_to_gnu
-					  (Expression
-					   (Next (Next
-						  (First (gnat_assoc)))))));
+	      gnu_arg1 = gnat_to_gnu (Expression
+				      (Next (Next (First (gnat_assoc)))));
 	switch (Get_Pragma_Id (Chars (gnat_temp)))

Peter Schildmann

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