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Re: [fortran patch] Don't use TREE_LISTs for storing arguments to intrinsic functions


On 7/6/07, Michael Meissner <> wrote:
When I was doing the infrastructure work to remove the knowledge that arguments
used TREE_LIST's in the backends, I noticed the overloaded machine specific
intrinsic support for C/C++ was another place to be changed.  I was just about
to start hacking on the front ends to get them to use a common infrastructure
for arguments and use vector support.  You might glance over to my patches to
see if the infrastructure support in tree.h is sufficient to your needs:

What this patch is doing is not changing the actual representation of the arguments in the front-end as your work has been for the back-ends, but rather to modify the front-end so that it doesn't need to construct a temporary TREE_LIST for the processed arguments in favour of using argument arrays so, unfortunately, the infrastructure changes you have made to support your work are not applicable in this particular instance.


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