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[PATCH][rtl] documentation update

While reading some tree code and gccint,
I've noticed some discrepancies, and this is an attempt to fix
the doc to reflect the current status.
Tested by building and manually looking at info file.
Ok for mainline ?

2007-07-07 Seongbae Park <>

       * doc/tree-ssa.texi (annotations): Remove ssa_name_ann_t,
       and add tree_common_ann_t and function_ann_t.
#pragma ident "Seongbae Park, compiler,";
Index: tree-ssa.texi
--- tree-ssa.texi	(revision 126330)
+++ tree-ssa.texi	(working copy)
@@ -750,8 +750,17 @@
 called annotations which are then linked to the field @code{ann} in
 @code{struct tree_common}.
-Presently, we define annotations for statements (@code{stmt_ann_t}),
-variables (@code{var_ann_t}) and SSA names (@code{ssa_name_ann_t}).
+Presently, we define common annotations (@code{tree_ann_common_t}),
+annotations for functions (@code{function_ann_t}), 
+statements (@code{stmt_ann_t}), variables (@code{var_ann_t}).
+@code{tree_ann_common_t} is attached to a tree expression.
+and is primarily used in @file{tree-ssa-pre.c} 
+and @file{tree-vn.c} for associating a value handle and expression ids
+to the expression.
+@code{stmt_ann_t} is attached to tree statements.
+@code{var_ann_t} is attached to @code{VAR_DECL}.
+@code{function_ann_t} is attached to @code{FUNCTION_DECL}.
 Annotations are defined and documented in @file{tree-flow.h}.

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