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Re: PATCH: Add myself as libbid maintainer

On Thu, Jul 05, 2007 at 09:46:27AM -0700, Ian Lance Taylor wrote:
> "H.J. Lu" <> writes:
> > I am checking in this patch to add myself as libbid maintainer.
> Normally changes to the list of maintainers are approved by the
> steering committee.  I didn't see any notice about this one.  I would
> just like to confirm that this change was approved.

I thought libbid in gcc needed a maintainer. It was my mistake. I
will remove myself. Sorry for that.

> I'm also uncertain as to just who approved the commit of
> libgcc/config/libbid into mainline.  When I look at the code I see

Both x86 maintainer and build/libgcc maintainer reviewed the patch.

> that it is not formatted to the GNU standard, and it includes C++
> style comments which we do not normally use in C code.

This library is a general BID library developed at Intel, not just
for gcc. Can we have an exception or some compromise?

> I'm also uncertain as to the relationship of the code in gcc mainline
> and the code at Intel.  This code was written at Intel and I see there
> is now a ChangeLog entry which starts
> 	Updated from Intel BID library:
> Where can the Intel BID library sources be found?  What license is it
> under?  What should happen with changes that we want to make to the
> libbid sources now in mainline?  Should we send them back to Intel?

> I see that bid_intrinsics.h has a #ifdef IN_LIBGCC2 which seems
> redundant for code that is in libgcc.

The beta Intel BID library was announced at

which has a BSD license. The one submitted to gcc is under GPL v2
+ exception. This library isn't just for libgcc.  We'd like to keep
libbid in gcc as close to Intel BID library as possible. I would
prefer bug to be fixed in Intel BID library first if all possible.  We
should track gcc libbid bugs in gcc bugzilla. We can add a new libbid
component and assign all libbid bugs to me.


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