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Re: PATCH: Add myself as libbid maintainer

"H.J. Lu" <> writes:

> I am checking in this patch to add myself as libbid maintainer.

Normally changes to the list of maintainers are approved by the
steering committee.  I didn't see any notice about this one.  I would
just like to confirm that this change was approved.

I'm also uncertain as to just who approved the commit of
libgcc/config/libbid into mainline.  When I look at the code I see
that it is not formatted to the GNU standard, and it includes C++
style comments which we do not normally use in C code.

I'm also uncertain as to the relationship of the code in gcc mainline
and the code at Intel.  This code was written at Intel and I see there
is now a ChangeLog entry which starts
	Updated from Intel BID library:
Where can the Intel BID library sources be found?  What license is it
under?  What should happen with changes that we want to make to the
libbid sources now in mainline?  Should we send them back to Intel?

I see that bid_intrinsics.h has a #ifdef IN_LIBGCC2 which seems
redundant for code that is in libgcc.


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