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Re: [PATCH] testsuite fixes for 16-bit targets

Rask Ingemann Lambertsen <> writes:

> > It seems better just
> > to skip the tests for 16-bit targets, and perhaps add "long int" copies
> > if you think that what they're testing is useful for 16-bit targets.
>    I don't think skipping the tests is a good idea. Properly written, the
> test cases should of course pass. The bugs they are testing for are not
> exactly target specific bugs.

True, but I agree with Richard that I'm not comfortable changing these
tests in order to support the m32c target.  Making this change really
requires looking back to see why each test case was added.  I second
Richard's suggestion of simply skipping these tests on 16-bit targets.
That is what we have historically done.  We're not talking about all
that many tests here; the m32c will still be well tested.

>    Are we allowed to use stdint.h types in test cases? Using
> (u)int_least32_t should do the trick.

But that would change the tests in a different way.


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