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Re: [CFARM] Script for automatic checking of patches


> Here is a script that is automating the build and test of a gcc tree.
> The interface uses a directory in which are scheduled patches to be
> tested.  The tester goes to sleep for a minute if there is nothing in
> that directory.  Otherwise it moves one of the patches to a testing
> directory, updates the trunk, patches, and goes for a bootstrap and
> test cycle.  In a patch to test, one can insert comments that are
> processed by the checker: for example, here are the lines that I
> included in one of my patches for bootstrap and test on gcc13:
> email:
> configure: --disable-multilib
> make: -j4
> check:
> These keywords should be at the beginning of a new line, and can be
> inserted anywhere in the patch file.
> For the moment it is not possible to send emails from the compile
> farm, but the functionality should work if a sendmail is set up.  My
> intent is to allow other users of the cfarm to scp their patches to
> this auto-tester patches directory.
> I'm still quite annoyed by the fact that when new fails are inserted
> in trunk, there is no way to filter out these new fails from the fails
> due to the tested patch.  One possible solution is to schedule every
> now and then a bootstrap of a pristine tree to reset the set of
> passing tests, but this can be done outside the tester.

what we do in our tester is that we build gcc twice (once without the
patch, once with) and compare the results.  It doubles the time of the
testing, but the results are more reliable than with the scheme you


> I also would like to include this script in gcc/contrib.  Okay for trunk?
> Sebastian

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