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Re: PATCH: Use AC_DEFUN instead of m4_defun in libtool.m4

H.J. Lu wrote:

I don't get it. Shouldn't libtool in gcc require lt~obsolete.m4 so
that it won't be missing in the first place? To me, a missing
lt~obsolete.m4 is a bug in libtool.

As part of Steve Ellcey's toplevel libtool update, he removed a number of lt-* files that were obsolete, and explicitly updated or added the following files manually:


He forget or didn't know to add lt~obsolete.m4 -- and neither I nor anybody monitoring noticed that (a) it was missing, and (b) it apparently is required, not optional.

The libtool team can't control when other projects grab the wrong set of files to manually import -- we can only control what libtoolize does, if the end-developer uses that tool to manage libtool in their project.

If there is a bug, it is that libtool /mostly/ worked -- instead of whining loudly and being totally broken -- when one of its constituent files was, by design or accident, missing.

Hence, the patch earlier in this thread which induces 20070701 CVS HEAD libtool to do exactly that: whine loudly if lt~obsolete is missing. However, gcc is using 20070318 libtool; all gcc needs to do is import lt~obsolete.m4 from that date into toplevel -- with associated regen of automake/autoconf files in the affected directories.


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